Saturday, November 14, 2009

Khalid Sheik Mohammed

6 years ago when Khalid Sheik Mohammed was nabbed from his home in Pakistan, he looked only a bit sleepy and irritated.

Now after years in U.S. custody, he looks like Osama's brother.

Apparently, this is not the first time, Khalid Sheik had been behind bars in American prisons. According to wikipedia.
However, according to a US intelligence summary reported on August 29, 2009 by the Washington Post, his time in the U.S did lead him to become a terrorist. "KSM's limited and negative experience in the United States — which included a brief jail stay because of unpaid bills — almost certainly helped propel him on his path to becoming a terrorist," according to this intelligence summary.


life insurance broker said...

Well, that is really some "intelligence" summary - I mean, come on! Is that text really trying to confuse an anger of a man, who didn't pay some bills with a fanatic worshipper, who based his acts on Islamic ideology? That is ridiculous! Anyway I'm very curious how the trial will go because there is a legitimate chance that this freak might get free, considering the character of civil proceedings. Lorne

Najeeb said...

I don't believe that alone made him a terrorist, but at times, personal experiences can have a deeper impact than one would imagine. The unfortunate reality of global jihadi movement is that they provide a haven for anyone who has a ill-will toward u.s. That's why the cycle of violence that is continuing in Afghanistan and Iraq, I think, makes sure there is unending supply of jihadis for generations to come. sad but that is the world we live in.

life insurance broker said...

If this really can affect someone's mind this way, he must have already been mentally ill, otherwise I cannot seem to find the source of such a thinking. I think all people who take this religion too seriously may become somehow fanatic, but taking peoples' lives only based on a desperation that not everyone wants to worship the same, they do? That will never make sense and never meet its purpose. Lorne

Najeeb said...

"I think all people who take this religion too seriously may become somehow fanatic"

I don't know exactly what you mean by that. But there is an irrational fear of islam, as we call Islamophobia. its text is not anymore violent than torah or old testament. its history is not anymore tainted with blood than christianity. regardless of any of that i would give you that political islam espoused by these individuals have imperial ambitions - yet often when its goal matched ours in a short sighted experiment, we gave legitimacy and power to these folks. the best defense against them is moderate muslims taking on the extremist elements within their religion. unfortunately, that won't happen with the war and rhetoric that comes from the west today.