Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our actions as feeble as
the flaps of a butterfly,
our dreams as ephemeral as
its wings that don't reach very far.

Yet we dare to act,
dare to dream,
a life with no such futile attempts
isn't a life worth living.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Obama's statement about Israel should come as no surprise. It has always been this way with American presidents - the moment they had 'crossed' the lines of being slightly critical of Israel, they have to find a way to make up. When Obama says the U.S - Israel relationship is unbreakable, it virtually gives uncontrolled powers to Netanyahu's right wing government. In the past two years of Obama's presidency, Israel has rejected every request of the United States. The relentless building of settlements has continued and Israeli aggression even killed peace activists on the flotilla. No one is asking to withdraw support for Israel, but left to Israel alone, their actions are only inciting further hatred against them. The people who have been persecuted for centuries have become the persecutors themselves.

Why do I feel that Obama is not genuine in this aspect? I feel deep in his heart, he is critical of Israel's actions. I am not oblivious of the political realities of Israel influenced Obama advisers and supporters of democratic party. But, a true leader would have the courage and conviction to pursue the path of justice and fairness without alienating the support base. But, that is hard work and a gamble. Obama like every other politician chose the easy way out.