Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't be afraid

she walked in silence,
miles on end, beside her father

through the heartless wilderness
that Iran has become;
a young woman who had dared to dream,
heart to speak out
a whole life to live.
she walked in silence,
stay with me - her father whispered,

so she did, miles on end.
through the distraught neighborhoods,
rooftops resonating with voices of defiance.
roads filled with people after people -
where did all these people come from - she wondered.
then she heard the gunshots,
stay with me - her father held her hands.
they turned back, but too late,
she felt the burning inside her heart,
soaked in blood,
she tripped, her father screamed - stay with me.
Don't be afraid, stay with me - her father wept.
Gazed into eternity, she died in defiance,
She told the world - don't be afraid!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Media in the dark

The foreign news media has been banned by a paranoid regime in covering the events unfolding in Iran. Then what did the main stream media do? They packed their bags and left; and then they subscribed to twitter feeds and you tube videos. Last night, CNN was streaming a you tube video continuously lamenting that they do not have access to information.

Really, aren't there other ways to get news for these major corporations? Don't they have telephone contacts with local news agencies and so forth? If indeed this is how it works, it seems like Iranian regime's ban is working to an extent.