Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elections in India

I have been extremely happy with the Indian election results, not because I think Congress isn't corrupt, nor is it because i like signorina Sonia pulling strings from inside her mansion and thus paving way to another generation of Gandhis. And it certainly has nothing to do with our prime minister who giggles like a school girl - i was embarrassed to hear that he asked for an autograph from Obama for his niece when they met up in Washington.

My rejoice has only to do with the fact that the B.J.P and its cohorts have been shown the door. After 60 years of independence, it looks like we are finally approaching a level of maturity and stability in the electorate. The sinister plans that got BJP its national face for the first time in 90s are not working anymore. The political left's unrelenting in fighting and the age old theatrics of cold war politics will not fly anymore. The progress and prosperity come with maturity; no matter what ideological base you belong to, elections are about compromises and taking the middle road at times even when that is not the right thing to do. In that sense, the far right and the far left have to emerge with a new plan. May be we will see a two party system emerging in India too; while I am dismayed by it in the U.S, it gives an unparallel stability that is much needed for economic prosperity. I believe, the way for the Left in India is to emerge as a political power house that distances itself from the failed ideologies of communism, but focuss on the development that is sustainable and in line with the environment. As for the Right, I'd much prefer that they just disappear from the political arena and move back to the temple grounds.