Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror strikes again!!!

A long time ago, I stayed in Mumbai for a couple of months; almost every day, I'd take the train and go to a different part of the city. From the riches of Colaba and Malabar Hills to the slums of Dharawi, the city I witnessed was a microcosm of humanity itself. In the labyrinthine streets of Mumbai, what came amazingly clear to me is the resilience of this city of 25 million people, their struggle and the unending spirit of survival.

Tonight my heart goes out to Mumbai, the callousness of these killers have brought this great city to its knees. What grievance would justify this horror? What ideology would condone taking innocent lives like this? Would this also add to the endless saga of terror in India, or would we ever see who is responsible, will they ever be brought to justice? Glued to the bits and pieces of information that is streaming out of the media, what can one do other than to hope that this crisis doesn't last for long and no more lives are lost.

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