Monday, November 05, 2007

Ok, there isn't any real phone yet behind Google announcement today - I also learned that some of my former co-workers are on Android project. Yet another learning is that the life has become more difficult for mobile developers with two new platforms coming up next year - Mac OS and Google OS (shall i call it Goose?).

Having worked at Palmsource for several years on various versions of their operating systems, I am familiar with the challenges of mobile OS development. There is some good news about their OS - Open source, easy to customize, potentially cheaper devices, a more web-centric platform, etc.. There is another handheld maker who is watching the show from the bleachers and that is Palm - only Palm has managed to lose more than 100000 of its developers in a time when there wasn't really any competition from other handheld makers. Only palm has managed to lose its market share year after year - only Palm has been unable to face-lift the clunky Treo in 4 years. Gizmodo has written that the only chance for palm is to embrace Google OS - coming to think of it, it is not a bad idea after all. But given the recent history of Palm, I think their heads are still buried in the sand -- anyways, these are exciting time for mobile developers.

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